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Sauna Rocket (R) is a patented product developed as an affordable and accessible home sauna solution. The product creates a home steam room that can be upgraded with seats, benches to create a home sauna. Now you can experience the benefits of sauna on your own time without having to take a trip to the gym or spa.

The Sauna Rocket Story

I developed the product from a lifetime of seeking excellent sauna experiences. I grew up in new world Finnish sauna country: the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. After spending down time during high school and college in and out of gyms and saunas, I traveled to China to work as an English teacher. Bathhouses are popular in China, and soon found a fix for my sauna bug. But upon return to the US in 2017, I could not find a sauna near my new place of work. And so I set out finding an affordable home sauna solution - one that didn't require thousands of dollars or carpentry skills. I discovered a series of steam sauna products sold in Asia, that while were in the right spirit, did not deliver the sort of sauna experience I was passionate about. And so with some grit and elbow-grease, I spent a few years refining the product. Now the product is available to the public. I hope you enjoy and welcome your feedback,


Garrett Munro

Sauna Rocket(R)


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it free shipping?

Yes! We offer free shipping all our Sauna Rocket models.  Some accessories, if purchased sepately, do not apply.  

Can I get support if the product is defective?

Yes!  We offer a limited warranty on our product for 1-year and continued support after that for most aspects of the product.  Our customers rave about our customer support and enjoy a long product life cycle.

How long does the Sauna Rocket take to heat up and how hot does it get?

The Sauna Rocket will be ready for use in 10-15 min and reach maximum heat around 25 min.  The temperature range wil vary slightly based on envrionmental conditions but you can expect an extremely hot and steamy sauna experience at 90-95% humidity (which makes the temperature feel much hotter) around 120-130 F.  Our dual steamer system is the hottest and most powerful protable steam sauna on the market!

When will I receive notification of my shipment?

Yes!  You will receieve information that tracks your order status and shipment. 

How do I clean the Sauna Rocket?

The Sauna Rocket requires minimum maintance.  The tent cabin should be left open to air dry in between uses.  The tent should be wiped down and cleaned with a gentle or eco style cleaner every few weeks (depending on use frequency).  Any free standing water in the floor tray should be removed after each use.

What is your return policy?

We offer a 30-day no questions asked return policy.  You are responsible for shipping the product back to us.  Contact support for any further questions:  info@saunarocket.com

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