About SR

Sauna Rocket (R) is a patented product developed as an affordable and accessible home sauna solution. The product creates a home steam room that can be upgraded with seats, benches to create a home sauna.  Now you can experience the benefits of sauna on your own time without having to take a trip to the gym or spa.



The Sauna Rocket Story
I developed the product from a lifetime of seeking excellent sauna experiences.  I grew up in new world Finnish sauna country: the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  After spending down time during high school and college in and out of gyms and saunas, I traveled to China to work as an English teacher.  Bathhouses are popular in China, and soon found a fix for my sauna bug.  But upon return to the US in 2017, I could not find a sauna near my new place of work.  And so I set out finding an affordable home sauna solution - one that didn't require thousands of dollars or carpentry skills.  I discovered a series of steam sauna products sold in Asia, that while were in the right spirit, did not deliver the sort of sauna experience I was passionate about.  And so with some grit and elbow-grease, I spent a few years refining the product.  Now the product is available to the public.  I hope you enjoy and welcome your feedback,

Garrett Munro
Sauna Rocket(R)